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Hello and welcome to the Reception page of our school website.

Seaside 4 July

Reception Class Staff

Mr Ruck

Mr Ruck

Class Teacher

Mrs Aiken

Mrs Aiken

Teaching Assistant

The Underwear Rule
The NSPCC has lunched the Underwear Rule campaign and information for parents can be found on their  Talking Pants website.

Other Languages

The Lithuanian Guide for Parents

The Polish Guide for Parents

The Latvian Guide for Parents

Counting in 10's 6 June

We can count in 10s

Celebrating the Royal Wedding 18 May

Celebrating the Royal Wedding

Swimming 17 May

We had so much fun in the swimming pool

3 New Arrivals in EYFS 4 May

Today we received 3 BRAND new Tadpole+ Balance Bikes. Thanks Rutland Cycling

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park 4 May

A wonderful day out

Our First Swimming Lesson 20 April

Receptions First Swimming Lesson

Sport Relief 23 March

We ran, hopped, skipped and walked 1 mile for Sports Relief

Science Week 22 March

Science Week: we investigated which materials sink and float. We have helped Problem Pup find a way to float, he doesn't like getting wet.

Our Collective Worship 8 March

Collective Worship: A celebration of Chinese New Year

A selection of parent feedback forms from our assembly 8.3.18

Celebrating World Book Day 7 March


We had fun in the snow

Chinese New Year 23 February

As an amazing end to our Chinese New Year celebrations we were so excited to be sharing a traditional Chinese banquet with each other. After a short journey by coach to the Dragon Pearl Chinese restaurant we all enjoyed trying lots and lots of delicious Chinese food. The staff at the restaurant were very impressed that we could say “Hello and Happy New Year to them in Chinese, which we had learnt at school.

We chose our seats and were served chow mien, ribs, chicken balls, satay chicken, spring rolls, prawn crackers and even seaweed. We didn’t get to use chopsticks🥢, but we managed better with a fork and spoon. We sat in the restaurant and all felt very grown up, sitting with our friends and being served by the waiting staff (which also included Mr Ruck, Mrs Aiken, Mr Lunn, Mrs Cave, Mrs Davis and Reverend Gareth)

Once we had enjoyed all the food, drink and conversations with our friends it was time to say "Thank you and Goodbye" to all the staff at the restaurant and get back on the bus for the journey back to school.

World Thinking Day 22 February

22 February Ella celebrating World Thinking Day

Finding totals 19 February

We have been getting better at finding the totals of 2 groups

The Evil Pea! 2 February

Toast Table 30 January

We enjoy making our own toast at snack time

Supertato 24 January

On Friday we read a new story to the children called “Supertato”. It’s all about the adventures of some vegetables which live in a supermarket, but unfortunately the Evil pea gets up to mischief. But don’t worry as Supertato is coming to the rescue. On Monday morning when the children arrived in school, the Evil pea had caused some trouble. Over the course of the week the  children will be spending time on lots of different Supertato and Evil Pea related activities.

Gymnastics 19 January

Bikeability Training

During week commencing 15 January all children in Reception have been working hard with Robin from Outspoken Training on a four day bikeability balance programme.

We have passed our ‘Bikeability Balance Training’

Practicing reading, writing and counting 12 January

Practicing reading, writing and counting

Our Favourite Characters 12 January

Reception children at Whaplode decided that they wanted to come to school dressed as their favorite character to help support our topic ‘Let’s Pretend’. We had: Spidermen, Spidergirl, Batgirl, Anna & Elsa’s to name just a few. Throughout the day the children had opportunities to make superhero masks, paint self portraits, complete superhero challenges and to watch The Little Mermaid.”

Good Friends 5 January

Christmas Jumper Day 15 December

Visiting Santa 14 December

After an extremely noisy bus trip we were all very excited about going to see Santa. We had a walk around the winter wonderland, posted our letters to Santa then queued patiently to see him. Santa was amazing, he asked us lots of questions about what we were hoping for on Christmas Day and if we had been behaving ourselves – which of course we all have been.

Christingle 12 December

Using the Hammer 28 November

Bread Making 23 November

Today the children followed a recipe for bread rolls, used the weighing scales, measured milk and water accurately in the jug, then learnt how to knead the dough and form into rolls. Whilst they were baking the smell of the bread drifted through the school making everyone hungry.

Once cooled the class had chance to fill their rolls with a selection of fillings.

The Toast Table 23 November

Last week the children asked if they could make toast for their snack. So, today we got all the things the children would need to make their own toast.

Children had a selection of white or brown bread and the only rule the children HAD to follow was that they needed to use tweezers to take the toast out the toaster.

It worked really well and may appear again in the future.

Drinking Hot Chocolate and Toasting Marshmallows 22 November

We have had a fab afternoon. Before we went into the forest school area we needed to learn all the rules about how to keep safe and sensible around the fire.

Before we arrived Mrs Roberts and some year 5 helpers had been really helpful and lit a roaring fire for us. The children sat very patiently and watched while we all had a turn to toast our marshmallows, followed by dunking biscuits in a lovely cup of hot chocolate.

At one point the fire started to go out, but we managed to keep the fire going by carefully adding a few more sticks. We got a little smelly sat around the fire as the wind kept blowing the smoke on to us, but we didn’t mind as we were having so much fun.

Children in Need

Odd Sock Day

Exploring Colour

We went to visit Huntingon Fire Station

We have had an amazing day at the fire station. After a good bus journey we arrived very excited and some of us a little nervous. We met Fire fighter Paul and Fire fighter Jordan. They told us all about the different areas of the fire station and about their daily routine. We watched Fire fighter Jordan show us how they use the pole, but we didn’t want to have a go. We watched a fireman Sam film all about fire safety and after had a break for lunch.

Next all the fun things happened.....we got to wear the helmets and use the hoses to put out some pretend fires in the tower and attempted to use the water to move the cones across the ground. We even sprayed Fire fighter Paul, but I think he may be used to it.

We explored the inside of the Fire engine and Isabel even found the button so we could listen to the sirens. Before we left we had our photo taken in front of a huge spray of water and got a little wet.

The children have been beautifully polite and showed a wonderful sense of fascination whilst learning all about how to be safe and the important role of the fire service. All the crew treated the class to a fantastic experience which out of the mouth of one of the girls “ It was the best day ever.”

Scout the Reading Dog came to say HI!

We had a visit from Scout the reading dog

Harvest Soup

We found out where vegetables are grown, how they smell and feel. Next we chopped up all the vegetables and made a delicious soup.

After painting pictures of our Harvest vegetables we realised that it would be a waste to just chuck them out. So the children decided to turn the vegetables that we had left into a delicious soup.

Deconstructed Role-Play

Our first time using the Parachute

Fun with the parachute

How do you travel to school?

How do you travel to school? On Friday the children decided that they wanted to find out how their classmates travelled to and from school. So on Monday afternoon they all had the opportunity to add their face to the correct mode of transport they use for the journey to school.

Practicing our Pencil Control

Practicing our Pencil Control

Raising awareness of Cancer support

Stanley the tortoise

We look after Stanley the tortoise


We enjoy writing in lots of exciting ways

Stanley the tortoise

We look after Stanley the tortoise

Our Faces

We've been exploring how our faces change depending on how we feel.

Our First PE Lesson

Our First P.E Lesson

Our First Day - 5/9/17