Church of England
Primary School

Year 2

Collective Worship 27 June

Again, Year Two shared what they have been learning with the rest of the school and some of their grown-ups. They did a fantastic job and made Mrs Ruck proud.

Swimming and Maths 27 June

We took our maths learning into the pool this week. Great lesson on capacity, comparing quantities, estimating and reading scales.

Would you like 500 millilitres or 100 millilitres of water poured over your head?

Super Science 15 June

This term’s holiday homework task got the Year Two children honing their science skills. They have been growing their own plants, drawing and labelling diagrams as well as naming plants they have observed in their gardens.

Geography 21 May

The children had lots of fun being geographers on Wednesday. From reading maps and using keys to planning routes around the world, the children communicated their ideas using appropriate language. We then took our learning outside to do some orienteering using an aerial picture of the school and made a giant compass using sticks so we could practise our directions.

Making a splash 26 April

Year Two have been enjoying their first sessions in the pool and some children have made amazing progress already. It is lovely to see them so confident in the water.

World Book Day 2018

The children dressed up as some of their favourite story characters to celebrate World Book Day. Many brought in their favourite books to share with the class too.

A day out at Burghley House

We had a really enjoyable day out at Burghley House as part of our learning about homes from the past. The children asked lots of really good questions and came back full of facts about the history of the building and the Cecil family. Whilst there we took some time to explore the Sculpture Garden and the Garden of Surprises. Parents be warned, many of the children are planning return visits when the weather gets warmer so they can go through the water fountains.

Fun in the snow

Class Collective Worship

On 8th February Year Two shared some of their recent learning in collective worship. They also told the story they had written about Prickles the Hedgehog, a hedgehog who had lost his home. Parents were invited as well as the rest of the school.

A special visitor 2 February

We had an unexpected visit to day from Scout. After chatting about our recent learning, we found out more about what Scout does when he is not at school. He then had a quick fuss from all the children before he had to go.

PE 2 February

The children practised their skills with different pieces of equipment before working in small groups to develop their own games.

Investigating Materials 26 January

Are bricks really stronger than sticks? What about straws? The children were asked to plan and carry out an investigation to prove it. The sticks turned out to be stronger than we thought.

House Design

On the 17th January, we went for a walk along Mill Lane to investigate different types of houses, their shapes and their features. Back in the classroom we have used our pictures to inspire our own house designs. We have also been using a variety of materials to try and build house frames. Fiddly but fun!

There’s no place like home 12 January

Wow Day 3 January

We had an exciting start to the new year when we discovered we had had visitors in the school hall over the holidays. The children decided it could only have been the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. However, an email we received later in the day revealed that the Big Bad Wolf may not be so bad after all.

The children enjoyed taking photos of the scene, filling out incident report forms, making wanted posters and re-enacting events as they may or may not have happened.

Christmas with the Aliens

Over the past few weeks the children have been working very hard learning songs and their lines for our Christmas performance “Christmas with the Aliens’. This week they performed for their grown-ups and I’m sure everybody watching would agree they put on a fabulous show. All the staff involved were extremely proud.

Welcome back for Term Two!

Below are some examples of the fantastic space projects the children completed over the half term break. What a great way to start our topic for the term!

Roald Dahl Day

The 13th September would have been Roald Dahl’s 101st birthday and we celebrated in style by dressing up as our favourite Roald Dahl characters. In the morning we completed activities relating to the story The Enormous Crocodile. These included making posters and painting Roly Poly birds. We even did some crocodile maths! In the afternoon the children spent time with Mrs Halden mixing marvellous medicine just like George.

Homework Projects

We have been really impressed with the Madagascar homework projects that have been completed. The children’s hard work is now being displayed in the hall and the classroom and looks fantastic.