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Year 4

Welcome from Mr Wright and all our Year 4 children. Over the school year we will showing some of our fantastic learning.

Spalding 22 May

On the 22nd May, the children attended the Spalding High or the Spalding Grammar School. While they were there, they had the opportunity to develop their PE skills in rounders and design and technology skills.

The children all came back really excited after learning about the school's history as well as experiencing some things that they would not normally have the opportunity to do in school. The boys created their own automaton using different mechanisms, while the girls worked with plastic to design their own bracelets.

Year 4 Class Staff

Mr Wright

Mr Wright

Class Teacher

Mrs Christie

Mrs Christie

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Night at the Theatre 8 March

On the 8th March, children were able to go to the South Holland Centre to watch ‘Night at the Theatre’. The story started with, ‘When three friends find an abandoned theatre, little do they know they will soon become the stars of their own show…'

The children thoroughly enjoyed the show and they were able to see how dance was able to be incorporated into the performance. On Friday 16th March, they will be coming to Whaplode to perform a Dance Workshop for children in Year 3 and 4.

After the performance was finished, children were able to ask some questions. We were able to find out about the team’s background, as well as learning about how they show was put together. Overall, it was really enjoyable experience.

Boats 29 January

This term, the children have been developing how they can investigate scientifically. They have all designed, created and tested their own boats to see which one would be the most successful at holding the most weight. Children had to think about a whole range of skills to ensure that their boat was successful.

Arthur in our class said: I really enjoyed constructing our boats. One of our things that went really well was that we were using different materials, such as polystyrene and cardboard, to make our boat. If we were to do it again, we would try to make it a bit larger and no more arguing, to ensure that we can make the best boat possible!

Children very much enjoyed doing these investigations and they thought carefully about the way in which to add the weight to make it as successful as possible.

Gymnastics 29 January

This term, the children have really enjoyed looking at balances and travelling across a mat during gymnastics. The children were given a whole range of different balances that they could do with their partner. From there, the children were able to record their balances on their iPads to identify what went well and what they could improve next time. At the end of the lesson, all the children could present their routines to the rest of the class with some music.

The Saxons

This term we are learning about the Saxons. The projects are absolutely stunning and children had some fascinating ideas when they came back after Christmas.

Decimals 11 January

This week, we have started to look at decimals. We have been looking at what a tenth and a hundredth is. Children all completed their work on their iPads, presenting decimals in different ways. Some children used base 10, some used money. Have a look through the book below for some fantastic work that was completed by Lauren.

Open Lauren's Book.

E-Safety 14 December

This week, we have been learning about e-safety. Isabelle has created her own interesting poster in the shape of an 'E' to help people stay safe on the internet. She has thought really carefully about her ideas and the way in which we can be safe.

Projects 24 November

Thank you to all the children for their fabulous projects that they completed over the half term. They were brilliant and the children very much enjoyed evaluating them to see whose is was the best.

Anti Bullying Week 24 November

The children have also been learning all about what makes a good friends and designed jigsaw pieces to think about how they are friends with those around them and what makes good traits for this.

Art Morning 24 November

At the end of last term, children were given the opportunity to take part in making their own crows using a range of different materials. When they had done this, they were then able to go on a trip to the local theatre and watch a show, called 'The Tales of Birbal' that involved more crows and different items using a range of interesting objects.

Handwriting Award 29 September

Well done to Ellie for being the first person in Year 4 to be awarded a handwriting pen! He handwriting is consistently joined and tries hard in all that she does!