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But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded

2 Chronicles 15:7

I can do all things through him who strengthens me

Year 5

World Book Day 7 March

Year 5’s looked fantastic for World Book Day and enjoyed dressing up in their favourite book characters. This was coupled with Year 6’s cake sale and a book quiz in class relating to book titles and authors. 

Year 5’s in heated, Anglo-Saxon debate! 5 February

Continuing our topic on Vikings, Year 5 were asked to research two of the great kings, King Alfred the Great and King Athelstan the Glorious. After gaining facts about their chosen king, they each paired up and gave some truly regal performances, aimed at persuading others, they were the most significant king of their time.

Viking WOW Day 14 Janaury

What an exciting start to our Topic of Vikings today. Year 5 spent the morning being immersed in Viking life by discovering how they lived, what they wore and what they used in their lives. Many artefacts were on display that the children could see and hold, which enabled them to really understand and get an insight in what Viking life was really about.

The afternoon found them discovering the joys of a Viking warrior, where they were able to see and wear some different helmets and get a feel for the difficulties they faced. This continued with a Viking ship game where they raced around the Mediterranean Sea, up towards England and finally finishing in York. Lastly, they were all able to stick their own trading coin before the end of the day.

Carols at the Cathedral Thursday 13th December

Year 5 had an amazing time at Lincoln Cathedral on Thursday 13th December. First we went to a choral workshop to perfect our carol singing. Then we made our way to the Cathedral for the Diocese of Lincoln Church Schools' Carol Service. The carol singing was amazing and left us all feeling very festive!

Cube Numbers Thursday 22nd November

Today we have been looking at cube numbers in maths. We have used the blocks to investigate what happens when a number is cubed, including the shape it makes - which we discovered was a cube! By using the blocks we could physically check our answers by counting the blocks.

Jelly Bean Maths Day 20th November

Year five have been enjoying the Jelly Bean Maths Day. They have had a busy morning sequencing, counting, working out ratios and drawing graphs!

Gist Child Road Safety Programme Monday 5th November

Year 5 spent part of the morning discussing road safety, including how to cross the road safely and facts about stopping distances for vehicles. Year 5 were surprised to find out that a lorry travelling at 30mph takes the distance of six car lengths to stop. They also enjoyed looking inside the lorry and how loud the horn was!

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